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Ensuring Safety and Quality, Kingnen's Products Has Obtained UL Certification

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Author : Kingnen
Update time : 2023-09-26 11:11:29
     We are gald to announce that Kingnen electric monitoring meter - EngyBrick Series have successfully obtained UL certification, a significant recognition of the quality and safety of Kingsine products. UL certification is an internationally recognized product safety certification system, verifying that our products meet the high safety standards and comply with international market requirements. It delivers a clear message to global users that Kingnen products have undergone rigorous safety controls throughout the design, manufacturing, and usage processes, providing users with a reliable and secure experience.
This is the result of our unwavering efforts, continuous improvement, and stringent quality. In the future, our team will continue to dedicate ourselves to the continuous improvement of product quality and safety. We will invest resources to strictly adhere to UL certification standards, ensuring product consistency and reliability. User safety and experience will always be our top priority.