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EBG-T04 Intelligent Gateway

Item No.: 00014
The EBG-T04 intelligent gateway adopts high-performance industrial grade processor, supports power failure and continuous transmission, and realizes multi protocol acquisition, data transmission and routing functions.
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     The EBG-T04 intelligent gateway is applied to a small-scale monitoring system with decentralized collection of intelligent devices and less monitoring and collection data. It is a compact universal communication device. The device provides two Ethernet ports and four RS485 ports, supporting 3G/4G communication and LoRa communication. It can provide 48 hours of historical data storage. The device has high anti-interference performance; The appearance design is beautiful. The single board hardware module with high reliability is used internally, which has beautiful appearance and is convenient for system installation and maintenance.

1. The embedded real-time operating system Linux is adopted as the platform;

2. The embedded hardware platform with high performance, high reliability and low power consumption is adopted to ensure the stability and wide temperature operation of the product. Industrial grade components, high-level electrical design and high-density integrated circuit structure make the device have excellent electrical isolation and electromagnetic shielding performance, greatly improving the anti-interference performance and reliability guarantee of the device;

3. Built in rich protocol library and communication protocols for equipment of major domestic and foreign power manufacturers, special protocols can also be developed and customized according to site needs to support dynamic system upgrading;

4. Meet different application functions; It can provide comprehensive data communication processing functions including Ethernet, standard RS485, and other different communication interfaces for different background systems, power protection devices, various intelligent devices, and different management systems;

5. Realize communication management, data gateway, data forwarding, protocol conversion, pre processing and other roles; It can be combined into a distributed network, layered and cascaded flexible communication processing scheme as required;

6. Master station communication function: multiple master station protocols are integrated in the device (optional); Capable of communicating with up to 3 master stations. The master station protocol supports customized development and dynamic upgrade;

7. Communication function of intelligent device: the device can communicate with different protection devices and intelligent devices through different protocols;

8. It has local interface and remote maintenance functions.


Standard parameters


Main parameters


Cortex A7 800MHz

ARM Cortex-A7 architecture, industrial temperature range


512MByte DDR3

Industrial grade temperature range: -40  ~+85  

Nand Fash

512MB Nand Flash

Industrial grade temperature range: -40  ~+85  

Commonly used interface parameters

Fast Ethernet interface

2 way

2 -way 10/100 adaptive network interface

TF card interface

1 way ( internal )

Support TF card storage expansion, up to 32G ( optional )

SIM card interface

1 channel ( optional module )

Support A card SIM card holder

RS485 interface

4 way

Industrial grade EMC protection

RTC clock

High-precision clock chip (internal)

Using high-precision RX8025 clock chip and backup battery, it can ensure that the time will not be lost when the power is cut off

Storage function

cache function

800 points of data are stored once every 5 minutes, and can maintain continuous 48 hours of data

LED indicator


1 power light, 1 running light, 1 error and 1 3G module light

1 WIFI   4 network port status lights, 4 serial port communication status lights and 1 Lora indicator light

user button


user reset

Electrical characteristics

Input voltage

85~305V AC

220V 50Hz recommended

power consumption

5W ~15W

The average power consumption is 5W

Operating temperature

-20 °C ~+75 °C

Industrial temperature range

Working humidity

5% ~ 95%



>=50,000 hours


Anti-interference index

Electrostatic Discharge Level 3

IEC-61000-4-2 Level 3

Shock surge level 3

IEC-61000-4-5 Level 3

Insulation test power supply to the chassis 2000VAC communication signal to the chassis 500V

Equipment size



serial. Product model Product features
01 EBG-T04 Transparent transmission protocol
02 EBG-T04W Customized communication protocol