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PMU331 Intelligent Bus Comprehensive Detection Device

Item No.: 00011
The intelligent bus comprehensive detection device has the functions of voltage, current, bus working state and temperature measurement, and the product has good applicability and adaptability.
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Description Technical Parameters Installation Wiring Special Remind
      The Intelligent bus comprehensive detection device is a comprehensive detection device specially developed for real-time monitoring of bus working conditions during bus working. The equipment can simultaneously measure the basic electrical parameters of three AC electrical loads. It can also measure the voltage, current, power, total power, electric energy and total electric energy of each circuit. At the same time, it can also detect 3 passive inputs and maximum 8 temperature samples.


Working voltage


Maximum working voltage 36V DC

Power consumption



Voltage detection

Three phase AC voltage

1.2 times overload

Current detection

Three phase AC current

1.2 times overload

Switching value detection

3-way passive input


Temperature detection

0-8 channel digital temperature sampling


Communication protocols

RS-485 communication, Modbus RTU


Electric energy pulse

LED output


Precision index

AC Voltage

40 ~ 400V AC


AC current

0 ~ 50A /100A (Multiple specifications)





electric energy








Electrical characteristics

Measure voltage


1.2 times overload

No damage under 500V AC/1min

Power consumption per line<0.2VA

Measure current

0 ~ 50A /100A (Multiple specifications)


Power consumption per line<0.1VA

Power frequency withstand voltage



insulation resistance




Surge immunity

Voltage measurement input port: differential mode 6kV-2 Ω

IEC 61000-4-5,Level 3

Power port: differential mode 2kV-2 Ω

RS-485 port: differential mode 2kV-12 Ω

Electrostatic anti-interference

Contact discharge 8kV, air discharge 15kV

IEC 61000-4-2,Level 4


Low frequency (less than 1GHz)


Fast group pulse

Voltage detection port

IEC 61000-4-4,Level 4

Operating environment

Working temperature

-10℃ ~ +65


Storage temperature

-25℃ ~ +70


Relative humidity

5%  95%RHNo condensation


unit:mm,use 35mm DIN rail mounting

Terminal and Marker

Module interface


Interface Type


1:Voltage measure input interface

4PIN,Spacing 7.62mm Phoenix terminal male seat


3:Working power supply and communication interface

4PIN,Spacing 3.5mm Phoenix terminal male seat


4:DI inerface

4PIN,Spacing 3.5mm Phoenix terminal male seat


5:Current transformer and temperature interface

8PIN,Spacing 3.5mm Phoenix terminal male seat


Safety Tips

      The voltage involved in the installation of the intelligent bus integrated detection device will endanger personal safety. During the installation, ensure that all connection signals are in the power off state, and the operation shall be carried out by technicians with professional qualifications.


    Shenzhen KINGNEN Technology Co., Ltd. and relevant parties will not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for the failure to follow the safety instructions, which directly or indirectly causes casualties, equipment damage and other property losses.