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Engybrick UC Voltage Measurement and Communication Module

Item No.: 00002
EngyBrick UC module can measure the voltage parameters of the whole system
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     The Engybrick UC module can measure the voltage parameters of the whole system. It can be connected with three-phase three wire or three wire four wire. Engybrick RJ45 internal high-speed bus, which can be used to transmit measurement voltage and power supply of all equipment. RS485, 4G, NB-IOT and other communication modes can be selected for the product to facilitate networking and centralized monitoring.
    • Applicable to a single voltage measurementpoint of the whole system.
    • Connection Type: three phase threewire,three phase four wire, threeindependent voltage channels
    • A complete and dedicated solution:
    Suitable for metering 
    Suitable for voltage monitoring 
    Suitable for voltage quality analysis
    • Comply with IEC61557-12 standards, toensure the quality and accuracy of thesystem
    • 2% to 120% rated current full rangemeasurement is 0.2 class,( matching withclosed type current transformer).
    • Engybrick UC module can measure voltage parameters of the whole system.
    • EngyBus RJ45 cable can be used for power transmission and measurement voltage parameters for all devices.



    Voltage Range



    Voltage Accuracy


    Frequency Range


    Frequency Accuracy


    Voltage measure

    Directly connect if less than 400VAC, and add PT if more than 400VAC



    Protection Grade


    Storage Temperrature


    Operating Temperrature


    Relative Humidity


    serial. Product model Product features
    01 EBUC10-RS485 RS485 communication
    02 EBUC10-4G 4G communication
    03 EBUC10-NB-IOT
    NB-IOT communication