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Engybrick I Current Measurement Module

Item No.: 000003
Engybrick I module can measure the current parameters and power consumption of the closest load
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      Engybrick I module can measure the current parameters and power consumption of the closest load. And these multicurrent measurement modules can be flexibly contigured to the load to be measured, or monitor independent currentinput.For example: 1 three-phase load & 3 single-phase load.
      RJ45  interface can be easily and quickly connected to various current modules and current transformers, andautomaticallv configured current transformer connection:Communication address/Load type/Transtormer type andratio/Automatic classification and verification of the flow direction of the current/Prevent wirina erors/Simnlifiedtransformer configuration.
  • RJ45 quick connector.
  • Single or multi-loop can be optimized thequantity of product to a maximum extent.
  • Compact format: 1 or 2 module sizes canbe perfectly integrated into the nearest pointof load.
  • A complete and dedicated solution:
Suitable for metering 
Suitable for voltage monitoring 
Suitable for voltage quality analysis
  • Comply with IEC61557-12 standards, toensure the quality and accuracy of thesystem
  • 2% to 120% rated current full rangemeasurement is 0.2 class.



Power Supply

Bus powerd

Current Range


Current Accuracy


Power Accuracy


Energy Accuracy


Access quantity




Protection Grade


Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity


1、EBT50 Split-core CT2、Mechanical structure parameters
3、Current Transformer